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Meaning-making at Seminary

I read this post recently from the Logos Bible Software Blog, “Life at Seminary: Inspiration and Advice”: What’s your favorite part of seminary? Jason: The conversations that happen after class, both with peers and with professors. You hear that lecture that stirs you up and makes you think about your faith and God in completely new […]

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Reverend Doctor vs. Peer Learning

I have been thinking about the effect of culture on education, particularly how a society’s power distance changes how people think about and practice learning and teaching. Hofstede defines Power Distance and summarizes the difference it can make. Power Distance: The extent to which the less powerful members of institutions and organizations within a country […]

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Adventures in Online Learning

Adventures in Online Learning


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Training Success Rate

From The M Blog: What a week: MONDAY: I spent the day compiling our team’s “Annual Statistical Report” (ASR) for 2007. These are the indicators that the International Mission Board uses to help us evaluate our work over the past year. The 4:1 ratio of people trained and people actually implementing the training continues to […]

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Top 10: Starting a Theological School

Dr. Michael Haykin blogs about “top ten most important things for founding a theological institution for training pastors?”.

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Every Seminary Graduate Should Read

Jim Hamilton posted a list of Books Every Seminary Graduate Should Have Read. He introduces it like this: bq.. This is a list of books that I think a person who is theologically educated should have read or be planning to read. p.. But he adds a disclaimer that he hadn’t read them all when […]

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Oliver Hart on Theological Education

Found on Historia ecclesiastica: OLIVER HART ON THE NECESSITY OF THEOLOGICAL EDUCATION bq.. “Pillars are ornamental to a building; for which end they are hewn, planed, painted and varnished. None need be informed how much an able and faithful ministry adds to the beauty, as well as strength of the church. For this purpose they […]

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Portable Seminary

Tomorrow (Thursday) and the day after (Friday) I’m off for a visit to my _alma mater_ Heritage Seminary to talk about missions and theological education. I recently came across the blog of one of my former professors, Earl Marshall. He posted “tongue in cheek” commentary on seminary education. *Who knew I was wasting three years?* […]

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