Songs for the Easter Season: “Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue”

Another Song for the Easter Season, this one more recent and alluding to Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings:

“Gandalf! I thought you were dead! But then I thought I was dead myself. Is everything sad going to come untrue? What’s happened to the world?”

“A great Shadow has departed,” said Gandalf, and then he laughed and the sound was like music, or like water in a parched land; and as he listened the thought came to Sam that he had not heard laughter, the pure sound of merriment, for days upon days without count.

― J.R.R. TolkienThe Return of the King

The winter can make us wonder if spring was ever true
But every winter breaks upon the Easter lily’s bloom
Could it be everything sad is coming untrue?
Could you believe everything sad is coming untrue?

― Jason Gray“Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue, Pt. 2”

In fact, check out the whole album… including “Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue, Pt. 1”. The link for the song above is to iTunes, but a better way to access Jason’s music is through his label’s online store, Centricity Music. Right now you can get the album for USD 6.99. But if I were you, I would spring for the Special Edition. There are 9 bonus tracks, including “Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue, Pt. 3” and “Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue, Pt. 4”.


Photo: “Loving the Rain” by MTSOfan is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0