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  • July 2020 update

    ministry update Two years ago, God in His sovereign plan gave Horizon the opportunity to partner in faculty training for seminaries around the world. During that time, 393 faculty from 112 schools in 54 countries learned about online learning. In March, a colleague and I were in Cuba for the final session. We didn’t know […]

  • April 2020 update

    The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been felt in every sector around the globe. The education sector has not been immune, with most classrooms closed. Schools have shifted rapidly to some form of distance education. Horizon Education Network was well-positioned to help our partners with this transition. Most already offered online programs besides their […]

  • January 2020 update

    My Horizon colleagues travelled to visit partner schools and conduct training in Ukraine late last year. One of the partners told them how vital the role of Horizon is as the school seeks to reach nearby countries. Those countries are resistant to the gospel and difficult to enter. The partner said that online education allows […]

  • bahula-bulletin: October 2019 update

    “Thank you.” These are fitting words almost any time, but especially so in October in Canada. This year, we particularly thank God for your support. Twenty years ago, Jane and I were appointed as missionaries with ABWE Canada. You may have partnered with us since our days of preparation for service in Trinidad, or you […]

  • bahula-bulletin: May 2019 update

    ministry update Thank for your prayers for Horizon’s ministry. We appreciate your prayers as our team travels and ministers. We continue to have exciting opportunities to partner with seminaries who are training servant leaders for Christ’s Church. Jesus said that he would build his church. Thank you for joining his work around the world through […]

  • bahula-bulletin: January 2019 update

    ministry update A new year is a good time to reflect on the past year and to plan for the year ahead. The number 3,500 is a quick way to represent what happened. In 2018, we welcomed that many users from over 25 schools or organizations and 85 reported countries to HISMoodle, Horizon’s learning management […]

  • Holy Week timeline in 2 new languages

    At Horizon Education Network, we develop resources for theological education in various languages. We often build on the work of others who release their work with Creative Commons licensing for adaptation. One of the projects we’ve adapted: The Holy Week Timeline shared by Bible Gateway is now available in Russian and Brazilian Portuguese. We made some […]

  • Christ is Risen, Sins are Forgiven

    It seems odd that we sometimes stop in our thinking (and our theology) after 1 Corinthians 15:3, “Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures.” It’s tempting to think of the resurrection as the icing on the cake, something nice and sweet but not essential. When reading the New Testament and particularly the gospels, […]

  • Songs for the Easter Season: Wake Up

    I love the serendipity of finding new artists that I enjoy, but particularly when their music aligns with one of my other interests. One of my sources for discovery is Dave Trout’s Under the Radar podcast. Dave “highlights some of the best undiscovered and under-appreciated tunes from Christian artists.” I regularly find new tracks and artists […]

  • Singing about the Resurrection?

    “It is a remarkable fact that there are many monographs on the theology of the death of Christ, but very few, by comparison, on the theology of his resurrection.” —I. Howard Marshall, Aspects of the Atonement: Cross and Resurrection in the Reconciling of God and Humanity I wonder if this is true about songs about the […]