Our Task is Not Done Folks

A couple of months ago, I needed to create some interest at a breakfast meeting of area pastors for our upcoming Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship seminar. Ho hum!

A couple of days earlier, I had listened “Redeemed!”, a sermon preached at Stoney Creek Baptist Church by my good friend Pastor Aaron. Fiery!

Having watched some of the 10:31 Sermon Jams videos, I wondered if I could create some buzz with a sermon remix of my own. Where to start?

After finding the free version of Virtual DJ, the process began to flow and I started to have some fun… too much fun probably. “Dad, do we have to listen to that again?”, said my kids.

Here’s the finished product. I introduced it with these words, “This week the National Church Enquirer made this startling revelation:”

Our Good Soil seminar is scheduled for March 25 & 26 at Stoney Creek Baptist Church in London, ON. For more details and to register visit goodsoilmarch2011.eventbrite.com

Sermon audio: “Redeemed!”, Pastor Aaron (www.stoneycreekbaptist.com)

Background music: “Decisions”, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)