Goals: Write More

Writing can be hard work for me. I like to communicate precisely. I don’t like to be misunderstood. As an introvert, it feels risky opening up my inner world.

Write moreSo it surprised me when “Write more” flew off of my fingers and into my annual report for ABWE. Yet there it was with the cursor blinking after it. I could have deleted it, but it stood there strangely compelling.

It was not even a particularly well-written goal, not clear, not specific, not measurable. It could mean a thousand things. How am I going to evaluate my progress for next year’s annual report.

Nonetheless, that’s how I sent it in. Unedited and unrefined. No comment yet from any of the report readers… well, I assume that someone reads my reports.

What will I do to meet my goal? I don’t exactly know. I do know that I need a forum to articulate some of my thoughts. I do know that writing here at my blog has suffered since joining Facebook. I do know that I’m tired of Facebook profiting from my self-disclosure. So I’ve cleared out some of the cobwebs. Stay tuned for more.