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  • Teaching Tuck and Ty

    In the 13 months since February 10, 2010, the day that my wife Jane died, less than a month shy of her 40th birthday, leaving me widowed with 6 children, I have found comfort and help in diverse places. But in recent months no one has helped me think through and find ways of expressing […]

  • Goals: Surf less

    After I started this series of posts, I worried that I had worded one of my goals for this year as “read less”. That would need a lot more explaining than “surf less.” Surfing is an apt metaphor for much of what I do. I probably read as much or more than ever. But my […]

  • Goals: Write More

    Writing can be hard work for me. I like to communicate precisely. I don’t like to be misunderstood. As an introvert, it feels risky opening up my inner world. So it surprised me when “Write more” flew off of my fingers and into my annual report for ABWE. Yet there it was with the cursor […]

  • Goals: Learning to Live Again

    I serve with a great missions agency, one that encourages its missionaries to keep moving forward and looking to the future. Each year we submit an annual report, setting goals for the next year and reviewing accomplishments in the last year. The deadline is January 31. Last year’s report was never completed. I had more […]