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  • Songs for the Easter Season: All Things New

    I read this last year around Easter: “If Calvary means putting to death things in your life that need killing off if you are to flourish as a Christian and as a truly human being, then Easter should mean planting, watering, and training up things in your life (personal and corporate) that ought to be […]

  • Throwing Away Easter

    N.T. Wright’s thoughts on the resurrection and Easter are invigorating me recently: So how can we learn to live as wide-awake people, as Easter people? Here I have some bracing suggestions to make. I have come to believe that many churches simply throw Easter away year by year; and I want to plead that we rethink […]

  • Songs for the Easter Season: “Death Has Lost Its Way”

    It happened at Jason Gray’s Christmas Stories stop in Chatham, Ontario last December. I encountered the music of Carrollton. I hadn’t paid any attention to them, even though they are also signed to Centricity. I enjoyed their music so bought their debut EP in one of Centricity’s crazy $5 sales. When I has refining my […]

  • A New Constellation

    Perhaps no one else would make these connections, but they are compelling to me as I’ve been thinking about resurrection power. Seth Godin, “To overcome an irrational fear…” replace it with a habit… Every day, drip, drip, drip, a habit. Not exactly life-giving, but it’s a start. Like Rodney Lover’s announcement, “Flossing My Way to […]

  • Songs for the Easter Season: “Risen Today”

    I blogged at this time last year about the importance of singing and listening to resurrection songs. [Yes, I know that I haven’t blogged much since then. I’ve gotten over it. I hope you have too.] I’m convinced of the importance of this more than ever before. Paul makes it clear in 1 Corinthians 15 […]

  • Songs for the Easter Season: “Come Back Soon”

    The Internet in general, and social media in particular, thrives on currency. Posts get greater exposure when they relate to current events. It seems that the news cycle keeps getting shorter. My blog doesn’t get a lot of my time or attention. That will be apparent to anyone who visits. I’m grateful that it is getting […]

  • Songs for the Easter Season: “Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue”

    Songs for the Easter Season: “Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue”

    Another Song for the Easter Season, this one more recent and alluding to Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings: “Gandalf! I thought you were dead! But then I thought I was dead myself. Is everything sad going to come untrue? What’s happened to the world?” “A great Shadow has departed,” said Gandalf, and then he laughed […]

  • Songs for the Easter Season: “He Was Heard”

    Songs for the Easter Season: “He Was Heard”

    Being raised in a non-liturgical Christian community, I’m too often oblivious to the church calendar (with the exceptions of Christmas, Easter & All Hallow’s Eve [=Halloween!]). Yesterday a friend pointed me to Trevin Wax’s “Don’t Waste the Easter Season“. Trevin argues that we spend the 50 days between Resurrection Sunday and Pentecost [= “the Easter […]

  • Worship in the face of death

    Worship in the face of death

    Carl Truemann on Tragic Worship: Christian worship should immerse people in the reality of the tragedy of the human fall and of all subsequent human life. It should provide us with a language that allows us to praise the God of resurrection while lamenting the suffering and agony that is our lot in a world […]

  • A Christian Response to Death

    A Christian Response to Death

    Helpful words by John Piper from his blog post “Death: Shall We Weep or Rejoice?“: What should we conclude from this? We should conclude that our sorrows at the death of a believer are joyful sorrows, and our rejoicing at the death of a believer is a sorrowful rejoicing. There is nothing hopeless about the sorrow. […]