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  • Songs for the Easter Season: “He Was Heard”

    Songs for the Easter Season: “He Was Heard”

    Being raised in a non-liturgical Christian community, I’m too often oblivious to the church calendar (with the exceptions of Christmas, Easter & All Hallow’s Eve [=Halloween!]). Yesterday a friend pointed me to Trevin Wax’s “Don’t Waste the Easter Season“. Trevin argues that we spend the 50 days between Resurrection Sunday and Pentecost [= “the Easter […]

  • Worship in the face of death

    Worship in the face of death

    Carl Truemann on Tragic Worship: Christian worship should immerse people in the reality of the tragedy of the human fall and of all subsequent human life. It should provide us with a language that allows us to praise the God of resurrection while lamenting the suffering and agony that is our lot in a world […]

  • Light for the Lost Boy

    Loving Andrew Peterson’s new album, Light for the Lost Boy. Snippets from the Christianity Today review… Peterson’s lyrics walk the tightrope of the human condition, at once feeling the crushing weight of mortality and the fierce hope of eternity. After all, the light of redemption shines brightest when set against the darkness of loss. And… […]

  • Yesterday was Pentecost Sunday!

    Thanks to Darryl Dash for the reminder that yesterday was Pentecost Sunday. I wouldn’t have known it from the service that I attended at [name withheld to protect the innocent] Church. I was struck by the trinitarian lyrics at the beginning of Paul Baloche’s song, “Our God Saves”: But that was about it. I admit […]

  • Jason Gray, A Welcome Change

    Jason Gray, A Welcome Change

    I love this line from the review of Jason Gray’s album, Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue: Quite a few tracks could excite a congregation, bringing on a welcome change from typical Chris Tomlin and Michael W. Smith-esque services. I was already pretty sure I was going to buy the album in Centrcity’s Black Friday […]

  • Worship Made In Canada?

    Worship Made In Canada?

    I have mulled this post around for a while. Canada Day (July 1) seems the right time to publish it. I believe that being in church is important for my children and for me. We’ve rarely missed a Sunday since Jane died. It hasn’t been easy though. My hearing has been amplified by mourning. Things […]