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  • Online Theological Education: An Updated Working Bibliography

    Online Theological Education: An Updated Working Bibliography

    For a more dynamic presentation, see the Online Theological Education Zotero group. This list builds on that of Charles Bellinger, Theological Education and Distance Learning: A Working Bibliography.

  • Meaning-making at Seminary

    Meaning-making at Seminary

    I read this post recently from the Logos Bible Software Blog, “Life at Seminary: Inspiration and Advice”: What’s your favorite part of seminary? Jason: The conversations that happen after class, both with peers and with professors. You hear that lecture that stirs you up and makes you think about your faith and God in completely new […]

  • Reverend Doctor vs. Peer Learning

    I have been thinking about the effect of culture on education, particularly how a society’s power distance changes how people think about and practice learning and teaching. Hofstede defines Power Distance and summarizes the difference it can make. Power Distance: The extent to which the less powerful members of institutions and organizations within a country […]

  • Adventures in Online Learning