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Theology foundations

Quotes on Missiology bq. “All church planters [and all evangelists] operate within theological frameworks, but often these are assumed rather than articulated and adopted uncritically rather than as the result of reflection. Theological principles may influence strategy and practice less than unexamined tradition or innovative methodology . . . . An inadequate theological basis will […]

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Theology of Mission Resources

Resources in Theology of Mission Theology of Mission is “a multidisciplinary field that reads the Bible with missiological eyes and, based on that reading, continually reexamines, reevaluates and redirects the church’s participation in God’s mission in God’s world” (Van Engen). It serves “to help the missionary understand the purposes of God so that He can […]

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50 years ago today

Thanks to my friend Graham Bulmer, HCJB missionary, for reminding his readers that 50 years ago today 5 missionaries paid with their lives trying to reach the Waodani tribe in Ecuador The Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette has this story… bq.. ++**Ecuadoran tribe transformed after killing of 5 missionaries**++ Fifty years ago today, tribesmen in Ecuador speared five […]

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Decisions, Decisions

Your home church is just getting involved in mission and you are its first missionary. You have been called to the country of Bingola and your church is expecting many new believers and great things from you. How will you balance this pressure from “those back home” with the realities of missionary life as you […]

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Take the Bwanda Fusa Challenge

What’s it like to actually work overseas? Could YOU adapt to surprising cultural situations? Could YOU learn a new language? Could YOU make a difference? Take the Bwanda Fusa Challenge and begin to find out! — Kent Anderson, Wycliffe Bible Translators Download it here!

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