January 2020 update

ministry update

My Horizon colleagues travelled to visit partner schools and conduct training in Ukraine late last year. One of the partners told them how vital the role of Horizon is as the school seeks to reach nearby countries. Those countries are resistant to the gospel and difficult to enter. The partner said that online education allows them to train pastors in those countries. The director of the school used a symbol to show our partnership with the Christian workers. My colleagues dressed in formal clothes from one of the countries. Then the director photographed each of them. The pictures remind us that God is working through our efforts in that part of the world. Praise God for the faithful ministry of these schools.

Thanks for praying about Horizon’s final institute on online learning. It was initially scheduled for Cuba in September. But, it was postponed due to a crippling fuel shortage. The rescheduled institute was held in December. The discussions have continued in an online forum. I have followed some of the discussion threads through the wonders of Google Translate. I have even made a few minor contributions. A follow-up training session has been scheduled for March, which I will take part in. I will lead several segments as we discuss the use of technology to extend leadership training. Leaders from ten evangelical seminaries on the island will join us. Pray that the authorities would grant my visa and that our training will be effective.

Through the last two years, Horizon personnel have taught in ten institutes in partnership with Overseas Council. We have interacted with 400 leaders from 115 seminaries operating in 52 countries. These opportunities have opened our eyes to see God’s work across the globe. We are excited to play a small part in equipping leaders for service in Christ’s church. Thank you for extending the network of trained Christian leaders around the world.

Bahula family

family update

It’s hard to believe that it has been ten years since Jane’s cancer diagnosis. In February, we will mark the end of our first decade without her. This milestone has brought about a new season of reflecting on Jane’s life and her legacy. So much has changed in our family since then, but we each bear an indelible mark of her love, joy, and faith. We wish we could have enjoyed her presence here longer. Even still, we look forward with hope to the time when God’s eternal kingdom will forever banish sorrow and death. We are incredibly grateful for the love shown to us by so many friends during many difficult days. We thank you for the financial, emotional, spiritual, and practical support. These many acts of kindness have been the means of God’s grace. While we continue to wrestle with the challenges of life, we seek to show our faith in God’s goodness. Thanks for your continued prayers for each of us. We continue to need them.

praise & prayer

  • Praise God for his provision for our needs through regular and one-time donations.
  • Praise God for the faithful ministry of schools that Horizon partners with.
  • Praise God for the December institute in Cuba and pray for the follow-up training session in March that I will take part in.
  • Pray that my visa will be granted and that our training will be effective.
  • Please continue to pray for our family.

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