bahula-bulletin: October 2019 update

ministry update

“Thank you.” These are fitting words almost any time, but especially so in October in Canada. This year, we particularly thank God for your support. Twenty years ago, Jane and I were appointed as missionaries with ABWE Canada. You may have partnered with us since our days of preparation for service in Trinidad, or you may have joined with us during my ministry with Horizon Education Network. In any case, we are grateful to God for the many ways you have participated in these ministries.

Recent stories from three men in Trinidad have been encouraging. We ministered to and with these men years ago. A Storytellers Abroad team from ABWE created videos that feature two of the stories. (Watch “Hopeless Evangelist” and “Free Indeed“.) The third man sent news that his church has ordained him to the gospel ministry. He expressed appreciation for my encouragement to him during our years together. Thank you for your part in forming these church leaders.

Much time since my last update was spent writing my Master of Education capstone project. Words and more words. Nearly 25,000, according to Microsoft Word, in “Show and Tell in Higher Education: A Systematic Review of Video-based Feedback.” For my project, I reviewed and synthesized the findings of 67 articles that investigated the use of video as an alternative method of providing feedback to students on submitted assignments. I am happy to report that I finished it, although through blood, sweat, and tears. (No blood was shed, but my blood pressure did go up!) The faculty has approved my project, and I will graduate in a few months. Let me know if you are interested in reading some of those words.

The final institute for online theological education was scheduled for September. Unfortunately, the organizer postponed the institute due to severe fuel shortages crippling the host country. The transportation disruption and uncertainty of electricity generation made the meeting impracticable. Pray that the situation improves so that we can reschedule. Thanks for your continued support.

Bahula family

family update

Thanks for your continued prayers for our family. K is transitioning well to university life away from home. It hasn’t been without bumps, though. A & G enjoyed summer camp for three weeks and have returned to their school for Grade 11. L was busy this summer with some specialized science camps. He’s back at his school for the last year of elementary education. E worked at our church, Compass, as a summer intern and just started a new job as a cashier. Please send her any leads for theatre positions. Having finished my MEd project, I have more time available for other pursuits. One of my fun projects has been to help start a robotics team at L’s school. I have a lot to learn from the students!

praise & prayer

  • Praise God for exciting new opportunities to work in Arabic and Mandarin.
  • Pray for the necessary resources to support these new languages.
  • Continue to pray for believers in Trinidad, particularly for the three church leaders.
  • Praise God for the completion of my Master of Education project.
  • Pray for stability in a Caribbean island.
  • Pray that God will continue to supply our monthly support needs. Support requirements were recently increased.

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