Ministry update

“Time flies when you are having fun,” they say. The last five years of my ministry with Horizon Education Network have been so much fun that I forgot to mark the anniversary earlier this year. I am grateful for your prayers and financial support during this phase and, for many of you, throughout our 19 years of ministry with ABWE Canada.

A highlight of every year for me is the Horizon staff retreat. Because I work remotely, my interactions with my colleagues are usually mediated by technology. The tools enable my ministry, but I enjoy connecting with my colleagues in person. In September at this year’s retreat, we started redesigning the workshop we use with our partner schools for curriculum reform. We’ve still got a lot of work to do before we relaunch it next year, but we made a great start. Pray for clarity as we collaborate.

Thanks for praying for the Transforming Online Theological Education institutes that Horizon has participated in this year. Our team just returned from the latest consultation where representatives from 20 schools in 10 Euro-Asian countries gathered to dialogue and learn about online learning. During 2018, this global training initiative has touched 51 seminaries in 30 countries. Continue to pray for the five events being scheduled for 2019. We pray that Christ’s church would be strengthened around the world by the pastors who study at these seminaries.

From October 29 to November 2, I will be in Panama for the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education triennial meeting. The theme is “The Sacred/Secular Divide and Theological Education.” The meeting three years ago was very beneficial, and I’m excited to connect with theological educators from around the world again.

You may wonder what a “Moodle upgrade” is, but please pray about the one we’re planning for Christmas time. We will be shutting down our server to apply software and theme updates to HISMoodle, Horizon’s learning management system. These upgrades become more complex as Horizon grows. The potential disruption increases with new partners and their students and teachers. Thankfully, we have a good team managing the upgrade. Even still, please pray. Rely on the Holy Spirit’s intercession even if you don’t know what to pray for (Rom. 8:26).

Family update

Thanks for your continued prayers for our family. As you might have guessed, we’re back to school. Thankfully, there were no major transitions this year. Everyone’s back at the same school. L is in Grade 7; A & G, Grade 10; K, “Grade 13” specialist art; E, senior; and I’m on my second last course for that M.Ed. degree. We would appreciate your prayers for K as she applies for post-secondary education and for A’s future plans.

Praise & Prayer

  • Pray for K’s post-secondary plans.
  • Pray for A’s future plans.
  • Praise God for safe travels for the Horizon team during institutes.
  • Pray for the effect of institute training among 51 schools from 30 countries.
  • Pray for the institutes coming up in 2019.
  • Praise God for the ICETE meeting.
  • Praise God for his provision. Pray for an additional $715 per month in committed support.

bahula-bulletin: October 2018 update printable pdf copy


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