Ministry update

Thank you for your continued prayers. Like the prayers of the Corinthians helped Paul’s ministry, your prayers help this ministry and many will give thanks for you: “You also must help us by prayer, so that many will give thanks on our behalf for the blessing granted us through the prayers of many” (2 Corinthians 1:11).

Earlier this year, Horizon personnel participated in the first two of ten Transforming Online Theological Education institutes.

In Quito, Ecuador, 37 participants from 9 schools represented 6 Latin American counties. These Spanish and Portuguese speaking participants have already finished our Effective Online Teaching course. They recently began our Moodle Skills for Facilitators course. As the designer of this course, I’m coaching new facilitators through teaching it. Thankfully the two facilitators are fluently bilingual. Please pray that God would use this training in their growing effectiveness as theological educators.

In Lomé, Togo, 36 participants from 10 schools represented 11 French African countries. I taught one session on paradigms of online learning, sat on a panel discussing challenges of online education, and demonstrated a MoodleBox, a learning management system that runs on a battery-powered, low-cost Raspberry Pi device and that smartphone and tablet users can use without an internet connection. This was the most fun of all, although once again I found myself regretting my lack of discipline learning French while in school.

Several schools from these two groups want to partner with Horizon. Pray as we consider carefully with which schools God might lead us to develop effective partnerships.

There are three more Transforming Online Theological Education institutes scheduled for 2018. The next will be held in Bangalore, India (August), then Mexico City, Mexico (September), and Istanbul, Turkey (October). We are expecting a similar turn out at each of them. Please pray for all the preparations and logistics that go into these events.

Thanks for praying for these opportunities. Praise God that your prayers are being answered. Many are being blessed by this ministry.

Family update

Summertime! The kids are busier than ever. L is volunteering at a church day camp and participating in several others. A & G are volunteering most of their time at the same church day camp. K is an inclusion counsellor at a city-run day camp. E has several volunteer positions and helps keep the house running. A still needs your prayers as he looks for a co-op placement. Because of the obstacles to gathering the kind of data required for my thesis topic promptly, I have switched to the project option to complete my degree. This will mean writing a shorter culminating project and taking two more courses instead of writing the thesis. But first, we’ll get in some vacation time before everyone heads back to school.

Praise & Prayer

  • Praise God for 44 faculty from 9 countries who have completed Horizon’s faculty training this year.
  • Pray for my Horizon colleagues as they travel to Transforming Online Theological Education institutes.
  • Praise God for 60 missionary participants in CQ training last week at ABWE’s Essential Mission Components.
  • Praise God and pray for summer activities and jobs and vacation.
  • Continue to pray that God would provide financial support through one-time gifts and new recurring donors.

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