Ministry Update

A key goal of Horizon is to multiply our efforts by training faculty on the effective use of technology in theological education. Our prayer is that more church leaders will be better equipped to share the gospel in their unique contexts as a result. Through your support of this ministry, we see the fruits of our labours.

This spring, we taught Effective Online Teaching in both English and Portuguese. Fifteen faculty members completed the course, and four of them provide Theological Education by Extension (TEE) in Arabic in eight countries. They were eager to learn about using online education to reach even more students. Pray that God will expand their ministry.

To enhance Horizon’s professional development training, we are developing a new course called Designing for Online Learning. This course will guide and give resources to faculty developing their local curriculum in online and blended learning formats. With these new courses, Horizon’s partners can extend training beyond their campuses and become more sustainable. Pray for my colleagues, Dr. Rob Hayden and Dr. Jill Zwyghuizen, as they lead this effort.

As Horizon seeks to develop new training for faculty about educational technology, my role is to finish development of our new Moodle Skills for Facilitators 2 course. The first course in the series provides step-by-step guides for preparing a Horizon course to teach. The new course will cover the technical skills necessary for interacting with students when the course is in session. Pray that this procedural knowledge will increase the use of this tool for teaching.

An exciting part of my ministry this spring has been moving ABWE’s online training courses to Horizon’s platform. The first phase involved implementing the applicant doctrinal assessment and testing for five pre-field courses. We have two more phases mapped out that will enhance the training of ABWE missionaries. Pray that they will be more effective in their ministry as a result.

Family Update

School is out and all of us are enjoying a change of pace as summer activities have replaced studies. Unfortunately, not all the plans worked out as expected, since jobs for teens haven’t been easy to find. Still, we’ve seen answers to prayer. L is hanging out at home, day camps, and a week at camp. A & G are junior counsellors at a day camp. K’s plans didn’t work out as expected, so she’s cobbling together babysitting jobs and applying for jobs for the next school year. E is finishing off the summer serving as a companion for a senior citizen. A has been doing some bookkeeping for our church. Before long, everyone will be back in school, but until then, we’ll get outdoors to enjoy the warm weather. Thanks for your continued prayers for us.

Praise & Prayer

  • Pray for fun and safety during the rest of the summer.
  • Pray for a good transition to high school for A&G.
  • Praise God for 53 students enrolled in 3 Russian language courses so far this year.
  • Praise God for 22 applicants to ABWE, who completed their doctrinal assessment on Horizon’s server this year.
  • Pray for our students who are providing TEE in Arabic.
  • Pray for the development of Designing for Online Learning and Moodle Skills for Facilitators 2.
  • Pray for many students as they begin courses on the Horizon platform in the next few weeks.


bahula-bulletin: July 2017 update printable pdf copy


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