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True Facts About Justin Bieber’s Love of Digital Tech in Adult Ed


Ok, this post has nothing to do with Justin Bieber. I found a suggestion of Portent’s content idea generator that seemed malleable. I’m refashioning the title for this last post for Digital Tech in Adult Ed course with Dr. Rob Power and classmates at UOIT. Instead of Justin Bieber, you get me. Welcome to True Facts […]

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The hardest languages to learn (for English-speakers)

The hardest languages to learn (for English-speakers)

[I’ve had this one in the queue for a long time.] I would love to see the inverse of this infographic. Is English equally hard to learn for Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean speakers? HT: Infographic ranking the difficulty of different languages for English-speakers – 22 Words.

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What Theological Educators are Saying about Twitter

Social media, by Christiaan Colen, CC BY-SA 2.0,

This week’s ed tech exploration focus was social media, specifically Twitter, tweet chats, and Twubs. The reading this week was about the andragogical benefits of participatory video (Walker & Arrighi, 2013). The short answer on what theological educators are saying about Twitter, in particular, and social media, in general, is not much. Theological educators are […]

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