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Fall went fast! It began with co-teaching another section of Horizon’s Effective Online Teaching course. This was a smaller group of 8 students. I filled my usual role of helping students complete assignments in their sandbox course, where they have to do many of the tasks they will do when they teach their first course. We have decided to overhaul our approach. I am leading this process as we prepare for another section in March.

It continued with the annual Horizon staff retreat. This was a profitable time of reflection on the past and strategizing for the future. In one of our sessions together, we revisited the Educating with Cultural Intelligence concepts I presented last year, focusing this year on CQ and instructional design. Recreation is also an important part of building camaraderie; although, I’m not sure whether the annual croquet match helps or hurts it!

November went fast with twelve days in Turkey. “Assessing Our Impact” was the theme of the ICETE C-15 conference that I attended with three of my Horizon colleagues. We gathered with 400 theological educators from 70 countries to think about how to assess the effectiveness and impact of theological education. I stayed on for another four days after the conference to tour the seven cities John addressed in Revelation.

I finished the month with two days at SEMBEQ in Montreal. One day we reviewed their adaptation of a non-traditional degree program focused on developing ministry competencies. The next day, twenty of their faculty gathered for two sessions that I led on learners and learning. After lunch, I dialogued with small groups of faculty as they reviewed courses they teach. Pray for SEMBEQ as they train leaders for the church in Quebec.

Family Update

The Advent season is here and we are preparing our hearts and our home for Christmas. E starts her Christmas break next week and A starts shortly after. The others are busy with school work and extracurricular activities. They are looking forward to their break too. With kids off school and most of Horizon’s affiliate schools on break as well, I will be taking the remainder of my annual vacation. We’re looking forward to enjoying some winter activities. Pray for snow and cold… but not too much!

Praise & Prayer

  • Pray for teachers and students finishing Horizon courses this month.
  • Praise God for the completion of my first M.A. course. Still waiting for my grade.
  • Praise God for His provision for us again this year.
  • Pray for God’s provision for the New Year. ABWE Canada indicates that we are $500 per month under-supported.

Year-End Gifts

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