bahula-family-2013-600pxPraise & Prayer

  • Praise God for Ian, a student in one of our courses. “Ian and his family are doing a survey trip to Thailand in December. Since enrolling in the Horizon classes, he thinks God may be calling them to be missionaries. Their church is being proactive in seeking God’s will about sending them.”
  • Praise God for 11 students studying in our first Russian course.
  • Pray for ongoing development of Russian language courses.
  • Pray for many students as they begin new courses on the Horizon platform in the next month.
  • Pray for fun and safety during the rest of the summer.

Ministry Update

Read, write, edit, repeat… still! After we finished teaching New Testament Survey to the students of Bluewater Bible College, my colleagues and I have plunged back into the course. We did keep ahead of the students during the course, but we found lots of little things (and a few big ones) that needed revising when we evaluated it. Our affiliates are eager for us to translate this course into Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.

Many affiliate schools have asked for a course on missions. So, I’m embarking on another read, write, edit, repeat project. I have begun analysis for a “missions” course for Horizon. In course creation, we wrestle with the tension between designing courses that will revolutionize curriculum and help produce desirable learning outcomes and developing courses that meet an affiliate’s existing curriculum requirements. I’m already feeling the tension. I spent last week at ABWE’s Essential Mission Components training doing research for course design. It was helpful to be reminded of the end vision, missions movements to the glory of God.

Since taking up my role as Curriculum Design and Development Officer at Horizon, I have become aware of gaps in my preparation. In order to hone my educational thinking, I’m heading back to the virtual classroom. I have been accepted into the Master of Arts in Education and Digital Technologies program at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. The coursework is fully online, allowing me to complete the degree from my office. While I’ve taken occasional courses since graduating from seminary, this return to the classroom will be a stretching experience with much more reading, writing, and editing.

Family Update

Two words: summer vacation. Okay, a few more. In September, A is heading into his second year in the Payroll & Bookkeeping program at Fanshawe College. But, should we be talking about school at the beginning of August? Yes… E is preparing for her first year of theatre studies at York University. K will be returning to her secondary school for Grade 10. Going back to our local Christian school, A & G will enter Grade 7 and L, Grade 4. It’s hard to believe. Back to summer vacation for the kids!


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