Ministry Update

Angel choir sing Hallelujah
God’s redeeming love proclaim
Let Thy Church, in every nation,
Sing the glory of Thy name.
Sing the glory of Thy name.

Aaron Shust recorded a new Christmas album this year. He has a moving rendition of “Advent Carol.” The lyrics of that hymn are reminder of the nature of the church’s mission, to sing the glory of Jesus’ name.

Thank you for supporting my involvement in this mission during the past year. Your prayers, encouraging words, and financial contributions continue to be a great blessing to our family. We thank God for his grace made manifest through you.

How Do Students Learn?

Teaching at Horizon UbD workshop

Earlier this month, I returned again to the question, “How Do Students Learn?” My colleague Dale Marshfield and I led the Horizon staff through the third module of Understanding by Design for Theological Education. Encouraging reflection on fundamental questions like this is an important part of my role on the Horizon team.

Getting into the virtual classroom this semester helped me to reflect on this question as well. I taught Old Testament Survey for Bluewater Bible College in the U.S. Virgin Islands from my home in London. It was a fun and yet challenging experience. Next semester, I will continue with New Testament Survey. This Horizon course hasn’t been taught recently in English and I need to make some significant revisions.

Family News

Thanks for continuing to pray for my children. They continue to encounter new opportunities for growth, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Please pray especially for E as we make decisions and plans for post-secondary education.

Horizon Testimonies

By a student: “I honestly have so appreciated the content that the course offered to me, and for the way it caused me to step back and look at how I minister here …. in my context as a pastor in training.”

By a facilitator: “Thanks for this opportunity. The participation that you generated in the first week exceeded my best expectations. I saw [a student] at church today and he is telling others about how good the opening course was. He said he has never shared with people as openly as on this platform, and that it was very helpful to him.”

Praise & Prayer

  • Praise God for his provision during 2014.
  • Praise for 26 new ABWE missionaries leaving for the field with Cultural Intelligence.
  • Praise for a successful conclusion to OT Survey.
  • Pray for good enrollment and learning in NT Survey.
  • Pray for E’s post-secondary decisions and plans.

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