Ministry Update

how-students-learn“How do students learn?” is a question I often ask myself as Curriculum Design Officer with Horizon International Schools (HIS). It was beneficial to spend two full days at the end of August focussing on that question with the faculty of Fairview Baptist Bible College in Jamaica. My colleague, Dr. Dale Marshfield, and I led them through Module 3 of Understanding by Design (UbD), discussing designing effective and engaging learning experiences for ministry training. Continue to pray for these men as they equip the next generation of church leaders for Jamaica.

Now that I’m back in London, I’m continuing ministry in the Caribbean through the internet. This semester I’m teaching Old Testament Survey to a group of five students from Bluewater Bible College. Four of the students are on or near the campus in the U.S. Virgin Islands; however, one student is continuing her studies from her home island of Dominica. The ability to avoid disruption of education is one of the benefits of online courses. Please pray for this group of students, some of whom are taking their first online course. That question of how students learn is one we address as we help students make the transition to a different way of learning.

They say that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, but that is what I expect to do at the annual HIS staff retreat from September 18-22. I will lead our team composed mainly of veteran missionaries through Educating with Cultural Intelligence (CQ). We will seek to apply the principles of CQ to our ministry of partnering with national theological schools in equipping ministry leaders. We value cultural engagement and so are working to improve our ability to identify and understand the unique contexts in which our international partners labour. Pray that we will learn to do this effectively.

Family News

Woohoo! The kids are back to school. Even though every new school year is a time of transitions, two of my children have entered totally new school environments. We would appreciate your prayers for them as they adjust to their new surroundings.

I tore my Achilles tendon playing slo-pitch this summer. The crutches and air-cast have slowed me down. Through them I’m learning new lessons in the school of patience and perseverance. The prognosis for a full recovery before winter is good.

Praise & Prayer

  • The faculty of Fairview Baptist Bible College as they apply UbD in their courses
  • The students of Old Testament Survey, particularly first-timers
  • The staff of HIS Educating with CQ
  • Bahula kids school transitions
  • Achilles tendon healing

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