Ministry Update

Effective Online Teaching screenshotWe are once again offering Horizon’s Effective Online Teaching course for some of Horizon’s affiliate schools, ministry partners, and missions organizations who are interested in developing ministry training programs using new information and communication technologies. We praise God for 26 participants from Australia, Egypt, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Nigeria, and the United States. We are constantly amazed at the potential dynamic for engaging in significant dialogue despite being separated by 17 time zones!

Please continue to pray for Horizon’s many affiliate schools who are facing enormous obstacles in their training of national church leaders. Specifically, please pray for our partners in Ukraine. Misha Nunyaev, Horizon’s online director in Ukraine, is facing a host of challenges in his preparations to launch Horizon’s 1-year Bible certificate program in Russian. Despite turmoil in the Ukraine, our translation team has made good progress with translating the Student Orientation and Effective Online Teaching courses. Reviewing the translations could be challenging with the team scattered because of the unrest. Also, please pray for potential partners working in Nigeria, Africa. Pray that the Nigerian church and local seminary will have wisdom as they seek to minister to their fellow countryman in these very violent times.

English versions of two course development projects have recently been completed. Translation of these into Portuguese is progressing well. Attention is now on the deadline of August 31 for a biblical theology course, “God With Us”. Work has started on Critical Thinking and Research & Writing development projects as well.


Dr. David Brandon, an ABWE Canada missionary, just completed a short-course, Introduction to Biblical Counselling. Forty-four students attended. The participants were mainly mature believers who are interested in slower paced, non-credit courses.

Principal Stanley Mahase is leading a study circle on Practical Preaching for Baptist Ministers. There are six “students” in regular attendance. They hope to take the study circle to Tobago soon.

A group is meeting at BSWI to develop local VBS materials.

Praise & Prayer

  • Praise for ministry of BSWI in Trinidad under Stanley Mahase.
  • Praise for CQ session at ABWE’s Field Preparation Seminar.
  • Pray for funding of $31,000 for Russian translations of courses.
  • Pray about our monthly support deficit of $100.
  • Pray for summer activities for children and vacation.

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