Ministry Update

There is a critical need in missions today for training pastors and leaders for the global church. With the church growing rapidly in the Majority World, what leader have likened to a theological famine is unfolding. Shallow biblical understanding and distorted theological teaching threaten this advance of the gospel.

The January 2014 issue of the Evangelical Missions Quarterly (EMQ) highlighted the need for churches in the West to understand “The Priority of Leadership Training in Global Mission”. The authors write, “In our day, what the Church worldwide desperately needs is for God to raise up and send out a new generation of people with the spiritual and intellectual gifts for a ‘watering’ ministry of teaching and mentoring, like the one exercised by Apollos” (1 Corinthians 3).

The concern is for developing a stronger and healthier church planting and evangelism effort. However, “in most of the Majority World, indigenous Christians who already know the local language and culture of their people are much better equipped for frontline evangelism and church planting activities than are westerners.” The question then is how do we better equip these Christians to do what they are uniquely gifted to do?

Their conclusion, “Given the crucial need for better equipped and more biblically grounded pastors around the world, our plea is that individual Christians and churches give priority to using their resources to support efforts at leadership development at seminaries serving the Majority World Church.” Horizon is committed to this very task.

Some days I can hardly believe this amazing opportunity. I am able to use my biblical and theological knowledge together with my technical skills in an educational endeavour to the glory of God. Thank you for standing with us through your prayers and generous gifts.

Family News

Thanks for your continued prayers for our family. We are in the midst of another season of remembering Jane’s death (February 10) and life (March 6). While the challenges have changed in the four years of her absence, God continues to give strength to meet them.

This will be a year of significant transitions for most of my children. A has been accepted to study at F——e in the fall; after Grade 8 graduation, K will begin studies at C—–l Secondary School in September; and, A & G will start in Jr. High youth group. Pray for grace and wisdom for us all.

Praise & Prayer

  • Praise! Ability to use knowledge and skills for God’s glory.
  • Praise! Exceeded the $50,000 matching grant target by $1,606.
  • Praise! Continued growth of Horizon’s ministry.
  • Pray for our family during a year of transitions.
  • Pray for Fairview, Bluewater, and BSWI.

Horizon Update

Horizon matching fund progress

Horizon matching fund progress

Last May Horizon was awarded a $50,000 matching grant gift for the purpose of expanding Horizon’s international organizational capacity to assist existing schools with their curriculum development. Through the prayers and generous gifts of many individuals, businesses, churches, and foundations, Horizon was able to reach and exceed its $50,000 matching fund target by $1,606. Your gifts of $51,606 along with the $50,000 match from the grant gives us $101,606 to use for translation and development of new courses! Praise God with us for His provision of funds through His people enabling us to take full advantage of the matching grant gift! Pray that we would be wise stewards in using these monies to further ministry training and curriculum development.

The year 2013 was exciting and busy for Horizon. We praise the LORD for continued growth and pray for wisdom as we continue to grow & expand. Here are just a few highlights.

In 2013, Horizon documented 597 course completions! This is a growth rate of more than 50% over 2012 totals (394 completions). Once again, an expanding base of affiliates and the development of new programs led to this significant growth.

The CMI in Ukraine has begun translation of the Effective Online Teaching course and together with Horizon is pursuing funding to complete translation and editorial work on 6 additional Russian courses and Horizon’s Student Orientation. Pray as we seek to raise US$33,000 that will complete the entire projected curricular program in the Russian language.

The Irish Bible Institute is currently developing an array of hybrid courses and several online courses (for multiple educational levels) in our Moodle environment. They are seeking to hire an intern who would oversee their online program.

Horizon’s growth in hybrid offerings was staggering! 5 separate affiliates developed and offered hybrid courses using our Moodle environment. UCESP alone, from the state of Sao Paulo, ran 31 hybrid courses averaging 19 students each for a total of 586!

Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Humorous and sometimes painful stories are told about crossing cultural boundaries. Often these stories arise because of our tendency to make assumptions about people that we meet and situations that we encounter. We expect that our tried-and-true approaches will work just as well in novel situations as they did in the familiar.

People have long understood that success in today’s globalized economy requires cultural awareness and an ability to adapt to different cultures. Now research indicates that this kind of awareness and capability can be measured and evaluated. It’s quantified as your cultural intelligence (CQ).

CQ is the capability to function effectively in a variety of national, ethnic, and organizational cultures. It’s similar to IQ and EQ in that it measures a set of capabilities necessary to be successful, both personally and professionally. But CQ is unique because it focuses specifically upon the skills and capabilities needed to succeed internationally and in multicultural domestic contexts.

The field of education is significantly affected by culture. The roles and expectations of the teacher and the student, the methods of instruction and assessment, and the meaning of feedback and grades are some of the schooling ideas that are culturally conditioned.

Being aware of this helps us at Horizon to develop courses that are culturally appropriate. This framework is beneficial in my toolkit not only for my ministry with Horizon, but it helps me in preparing others for cross-cultural engagement whether for missions, education, or business.

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