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On the TNIV

I continue to be amazed by the pace of change in our world. Christianity is not immune. Six years ago I bookmarked this article about the recently released complete TNIV (Is the TNIV Good News? Volume 1) to write a blog post on. I never did write the blog post, but the idea lingered in […]

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Good Friday legends

What would Good Friday celebrations be without the traditional effigy of Judas Iscariot being hung on telephone and electricity poles in strategic places throughout the country. For centuries this tradition depicting the betrayal of Jesus by one of his disciples called Judas, became an act of revenge by Christians. As it grew in popularity it […]

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It rains enough

I ask Ma how, after all this time, Daddy still believes in rain. “Well, it rains enough,” Ma says, “now and again, to keep a person hoping. But even if it didn’t your daddy would have to believe. It’s coming on spring, and he’s a farmer.” March 1934 [amazon_link id=”0590371258″ target=”_blank” ]Out of the Dust[/amazon_link], […]

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‘God did it’

A “religious war” is brewing in a small community in Princes Town over the desecration of two Hindu prayer rooms by a Christian woman who declares it was God who destroyed several murtis. Sister Sharon Mohammed, 50, religious leader of recently formed Full Gospel Church named “Joy Tabernacle” of Hope Road, Second Branch, Princes Town […]

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While in the library last week researching polar bears and leopards for yet another school project, I realized the serendipitous benefits of browsing a library. K had previously taken a book out by a Newberry Medal winning author. I decided to find the book that the author had won the award for. Having found it, […]

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