bahula-bulletin: April 2012 update

You would think that as Director of Communications for ABWE Canada, I would have figured out how to communicate with my own prayer partners and donors. Yet the days stream by in a blur of meetings, office responsibilities, phone calls, meals, homework, sick kids, … you get the idea. But I don’t want to be like the nine lepers. I’d rather be like the one who returned giving glory to God. (See Luke 17:11-19 for the story.) I also want to give you the opportunity to pray more specifically for us. God knows that we need your prayers.

Even though the winter weather was milder in southern Ontario this year, the winter still posed a number of challenges. In February, we marked the second anniversary of Jane’s promotion to heaven. In some respects it was more difficult than the first anniversary. Lately, we’ve endured a rough patch of illness. Luke seems to have endured the worst of it. After a lingering cold, he caught whatever stomach bug was going around. About the time that was clearing up, he developed a dental abscess and needed to have that tooth extracted.

Progress on the harmonized curriculum for the Caribbean Theological Education Consortium has slowed after a busy Fall. We are planning for a meeting in Jamaica in June to carry on the work. Your prayers for this are appreciated as there is still a lot of work to do and many points at which the project could be delayed or even derailed.

I’ve returned to the classroom for a course this semester. Through the wonders of the internet I’m studying Intercultural Communication through Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. While the prospects of my first exam in 20 years aren’t thrilling, the interaction on how to effectively communicate across cultures has been invigorating. The obstacles to any kind of intercultural communication are significant, even more for proclaiming the Gospel. God’s grace is displayed whenever we rise to the challenge.

Probably the most exciting news in recent days is that we are going back to Trinidad in July. Stoney Creek Baptist Church in London is sending a missions team to work in the VBS of Chaguanas Baptist Church. We’re expecting somewhere around 400 children! Please pray for me as I plan, prepare and lead the team and for us as we go to minister.

In Christ,


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