Theology According to Facebook

FriendsFacebook has become a dominant force in our society. That became more clear to me when the Good Friday service we attended used it as a hook. The central theme that morning was God as friend. There were many references to FB stats and processes. Powerpoint slides used FB graphics. The hook stuck. God as my FB friend was like a seed that began to germinate.

I started off with a bit of rebellion against the idea. “God is better than a Facebook friend,” rumbled through my brain. “I could get a blog post from that,” I thought.

My mind wandered further though. As I listened to the three preachers who spoke that morning, I wondered, “What if it’s true? How would God behave if he was on FB? How many friend requests would he send? How many friends would he have?”

In theology according to Facebook, a Calvinist God would send friend requests to those he chose to. He wouldn’t need to ignore any friend requests because no one would ask to be his friend unless he asked them first.

An Arminian God would send friend requests to everyone, knowing that only some would be his friends.

A deist God coded FB but wouldn’t use it. But if he did, he wouldn’t accept friend requests.

A universalist God would be friends with everyone whether they sent him friend requests or not.

Where else could this go? I don’t think I’ve exhausted this yet!

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