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Are We Endangering Languages?


“Every 14 days a language dies.” NatGeo, Enduring Voices Project For some time I’ve wondered about the teaching of English as an evangelism tool. When I read a statistic like the one from NatGeo, my wonder really gets going. There is a widespread desire and, sometimes, a need for people to learn English. Why not […]

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Caring for Missionaries: Do We Need It?

While not all missionaries will welcome care, a number of factors point to our need of support beyond prayer and finances. In his EMQ article “Alone on Your Field? Here’s What to Do“, Ken Holderman Jr. points to an important mental health perspective: “every normal person needs around 15 to 20 friends or in order […]

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Our Task is Not Done Folks

A couple of months ago, I needed to create some interest at a breakfast meeting of area pastors for our upcoming Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship seminar. Ho hum! A couple of days earlier, I had listened “Redeemed!”, a sermon preached at Stoney Creek Baptist Church by my good friend Pastor Aaron. Fiery! Having watched […]

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Caring for Missionaries: Do We Want It?

Tea bag

The question that came up in several conversations as I talked about Caring for Missionaries at the Stoney Creek Missions Conference was “Do missionaries want care?” I’m sure that there are some missionaries who would say an unqualified “No way!!” Some may have received used tea bags from well-meaning “supporters” while on the field. (For […]

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Teaching Tuck and Ty

In the 13 months since February 10, 2010, the day that my wife Jane died, less than a month shy of her 40th birthday, leaving me widowed with 6 children, I have found comfort and help in diverse places. But in recent months no one has helped me think through and find ways of expressing […]

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It’s Carnival

THE Merry Monarch today is back on the streets of Trinidad and Tobago once again. At 4 am, J’ouvert bands took to the streets with their clothes and skin covered in mud, chocolate, oil, paint or whatever is available. Others chose to portray topical events which took place over the last year. via Trinidad and […]

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It’s Carnival Time in Trinidad & Tobago

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad–BUSINESS WIRE–Move over Mardi Gras, step aside Rio Carnaval, Trinidad has the greatest pre-Lenten celebration in the world. Over 40,000 visitors and 780,000 locals are getting ready to jump, dance and wave to the beat of pulsating soca rhythms during the Caribbean’s largest and most anticipated cultural mega-festival, Trinidad Carnival. Known as […]

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Caring for Missionaries: The Biblical Imperative

Philippians 4

This week I’ve participated in the Stoney Creek Baptist Church missions conference. Their theme “iCare: What Can I Do?” is all about caring for missionaries. I don’t remember hearing of a church having that kind of focus on missionary care. On Sunday Aaron, my good friend and Stoney Creek’s Associate Pastor, preached. He commented that […]

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