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Jason Gray, A Welcome Change

I love this line from the review of Jason Gray’s album, Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue: Quite a few tracks could excite a congregation, bringing on a welcome change from typical Chris Tomlin and Michael W. Smith-esque services. I was already pretty sure I was going to buy the album in Centrcity’s Black Friday […]

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PM murder plot prompts tight security in Trinidad and Tobago

Authorities in Trinidad and Tobago are beefing up security after uncovering an assassination plot against the prime minister and three Cabinet members, state media reported. A senior government official told the Caribbean New Media Group, or C News, that suspects linked to the plot have been arrested and that more arrests are expected. The threat […]

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bahula-bulletin: November 2011 update

It’s Take Our Kids to Work day! E has joined me in the ABWE Canada office today, but I couldn’t convince her to write this email. Instead she’s organizing my many books while I write. She was a little disappointed that she didn’t get to join me on a Caribbean trip. Having witnessed the ministry […]

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bahula-bulletin: September 2011 update

Thanks for your continued prayers! As you remember us in the coming days, please praise God and pray about these things. The Caribbean Theological Education Consortium is up and running. At our first meeting in June, I was appointed as Chairman of the Consortium. I have been tasked with facilitating the business of the consortium […]

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Cursive writing will never die!

My children have returned to school. A measure of routine is returning to my life. It is time for me to get back to writing. One of my friends told me so! Describing what I do as writing is a bit of misnomer though. If we are describing the physical act of tracing or forming […]

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Worship Made In Canada?

I have mulled this post around for a while. Canada Day (July 1) seems the right time to publish it. I believe that being in church is important for my children and for me. We’ve rarely missed a Sunday since Jane died. It hasn’t been easy though. My hearing has been amplified by mourning. Things […]

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Don’t Waste Your Life on your Apps


I am finally upgrading from the cast-off Motorola v360 that I’ve used for 3 years and from the even older Windows Mobile iPaq that died several months ago. Because of a new corporate plan, this week I got a shiny new all-in-one Android smart phone with a data plan. Don’t try to change my mind […]

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Making sense of Paul’s mission

Apostle Paul

As I have been thinking through Rob Bell’s [amazon_link id=”006204964X” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Love Wins[/amazon_link], I began to think through the implications of his position. This kind of “What if he is right?” exercise has helped me think through other issues. The question tends to clarify matters for me. One of the questions that arose […]

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bahula-bulletin: June 2011 update

Friends, Thanks again for your continued prayers for our family. A fellow struggler recently wrote, “There is no road map for mourning.” We continue to face that reality day by day. Thanks for supporting us by your prayers. (more…)

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Love Wins: Questions and Answers

[amazon_image id=”006204964X” link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, And The Fate Of Every Person[/amazon_image]As I tweeted last week, while in Grand Rapids I bought Rob Bell’s recent best-seller Love Wins. I was hoping to get it autographed, but Rob was a little busy. I finished reading it last night. I am still […]

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