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Top Type Tips

One of the benefits of desktop publishing is also one of its problems: anyone can do it. Here are Ten Tips for Top Type. Following these tips will help you “to produce pages with type that looks professional and pleasing, and that’s easy to read.” Type is one of the most powerful tools for communication […]

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'Puja' at mud volcano

DEVOUT Hindus staged a “puja” (prayer) at the mud volcano in Cedros calling on The Almighty to close the rumbling volcano which nearby residents fear could erupt at anytime. Read the rest of the “Trinidad Newsday article.”:,77839.html

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MoveableType 4.1

Since I’ve been getting a number of comments about how stale our site is, I’m embarking on a revamping program. I started tonight by getting MovableType up-to-date. No major hiccups so far, just the usual upgrade intricacies. After I finish off Miscellanies, I’ll tackle the main portion of the site.

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Bible Studies cop gets promotion

POLICE officers seeking further academic qualifications to improve their chances of promotion can simply study for a certificate in anything from agriculture to bookkeeping or Bible Studies. Read the rest of the Trinidad News, Trinidad Newspaper, Trinidad Sports, Trinidad politics, Trinidad Express article.

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