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50 Chapters?

Wayne over at ekklesia wonders… “If I had one year to preach/teach, and I could only focus on one chapter of the Bible a week, what fifty chapters in the Bible would I pick as the most important to communicate?” I’ve started my list.

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It's alive!

After many weeks of waiting and lots of pleading phone calls, our “high-speed” internet is working. Thanks to an inside contact at the phone company our line card was replaced today and our DSL came alive. Evidently TSTT (the monopoly DSL provider) is experiencing massive problems with line cards. According to my friend all DSL […]

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T&T believed to be more corrupt

PERCEPTION of corruption in this country has increased dramatically since last year, the Trinidad and Tobago Transparency Institute (TTTI) said yesterday. Read the rest of the Trinidad Express article.

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