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Trinidad Has New Bets on Petrochemicals

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad (AP) — More than a century after digging its first oil well, Trinidad and Tobago has built one of the Caribbean’s fastest-growing economies around petroleum-based exports. Read the rest of the AP story at Yahoo! Finance

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Bart Ehrman interview

Evangelical Textual Criticism has posted an Interview with Bart Ehrman. This part of the interview struck me as ironic: bq. PJW: Do you think that anyone might ever come away from reading Misquoting Jesus with the impression that the state of the New Testament text is worse than it really is? BDE: Yes I think […]

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Carson’s resolution

I’ve been listening to a lot of D.A. Carson recently as I take the kids back and forth to school. His insight is wonderful to listen to. He spoke recently at Desiring God 2006. According to a transcript published at Between Two Worlds, Carson said this to encourage pastors of smaller churches: I made a […]

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