Conflict anyone?

O n ekklesia, Wayne’s topic of the month is Conflict and our response to it. This is timely topic for the church. Wayne began on August 1 by introducing the topic in “August Topic: Dealing with Conflict”. Yesterday, August 2, he continued with “Responses to Conflict”.
I was introduced to the work of Ken Sande of Peacemaker Ministries and Jim Van Yperen of Metanoia Ministries last year when I took “Change and Conflict Management” from Southern Baptist Seminary. It seems kind of sad that Christian leaders need a whole 3-hour credit course (something like 40 hours of “classroom” time) to deal with change and conflict in the church.
The ministry of both men has shaped my thinking. Their books are well worth reading. Each take a slightly different approach, but they will enrich your understanding of your own response to conflict and help you to deal with it that much better.

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