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To Die For?

Wayne over at ekklesia wrote today about things worth dying for. He includes a bit of history from John Piper: bq. On March 20, 1531 in the Netherlands a Baptist named Sicke Snyder (proper name, Freerks) was beheaded for being baptized as a believer. In the Criminal Sentence Book of the Court of Friesland, it […]

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"I Will Worship"?

This week Lingamish (aka David Ker) announced that he will be putting his bologna on ice. A few months ago he started the 5 Slices of Baloney {no longer available} blog, aiming to highlight some of the bologna on the web. He had some interesting posts. I’ll miss lurking around his blog. One of the […]

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TT vs. ENG

!(< (Go Warriors Go!)! In the 82nd minute, the match is still Nil-Nil! Can T&T hold on for an upset? *Update:* Was I the jinx? In the 83rd minute England scored. But with England having 21 shots, with 6 of them on net, it is not hard to see how they could have scored. *Update […]

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TT Asphalt Olympics '08 Winner

TRINIDAD Lake Asphalt is already a winner at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. The company has won a significant number of contracts to supply the Chinese Government with raw asphalt for paving the Beijing airport and all roads leading to the site of the games. Read the rest of the Trinidad Express article.

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The Match is On!

!(> 150×150 (Go Warriors Go!)! The match vs. Sweeden is on! Go T&T! *Update:* T&T and Sweeden draw Nil-Nil. Could have been worse… could have been better.

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A UNIVERSITY graduate with Trinidadian parents, it was learned yesterday, was among the 17 terror suspects arrested in Canada on suspicion that they were planning to blow up several civilian centres in Ontario. Read the rest of the Trinidad Express article.

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