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Eminent Christians: Andrew Fuller

Described by Charles Spurgeon as “the greatest theologian” of his century, Michael Haykin introduces Andrew Fuller as number 5 on his list of Eminent Christians. Fuller is less known today than the missionary whom he sent out, none other than William Carey. Beyond facilitating this great missionary’s endeavours, Andrew Fuller was a dedicated pastor. These […]

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Afghan Christian mentally unfit?

I have been following with some interest the news of an Afghan Christian on trial for his faith and wondering what will come of it. After all Canadian troops are committed to -peacekeeping-… peacemaking in this predominantly Islamic country. Today I was intrigued to read this CBC Headline, “Afghan prosecutors say Christian convert may be […]

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Our Printed Bibles

549 years ago today (on March 22, 1457) the first printed Bible came off Gutenberg’s printing press, if the usual completion date is accepted. Christianity, and our contemporary notions of spirituality, owe a great deal to the wide-spread availabilty of God’s Word made possible by movable type printing. Today the ESV Blog is Celebrating the […]

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Eminent Christians: Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Dr. Haykin continues his list of Eminent Christians with Martyn Lloyd-Jones at number 4. One of the things I’m learning through Dr. Haykin’s postings is how little I know. I remember being intimidated by Lloyd-Jones’ eight-volume tome on Ephesians while in Bible College. Now when I -have- +take+ less time to read, I find myself […]

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FIFA Lets Off Jack

FIFA vice-president and Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (T&TFF) special advisor Jack Warner emerged unscathed from a FIFA meeting in Zurich, Switzerland, yesterday that “discussed” his violation of the global organisation’s Code of Ethics. Read the rest of the Trinidad Express article.

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Re-numbering the Bible?

There’s an interesting series of posts going around about the “uninspired” parts of the Bible, including chapter and verse divisions, paragraphs and punctuation. For example, Doug McHone wonders Why Don’t We Just Re-Number the Bible?. While I have wondered about the possibility of such a thing in the past, I am convinced that it will […]

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Portable Seminary

Tomorrow (Thursday) and the day after (Friday) I’m off for a visit to my _alma mater_ Heritage Seminary to talk about missions and theological education. I recently came across the blog of one of my former professors, Earl Marshall. He posted “tongue in cheek” commentary on seminary education. *Who knew I was wasting three years?* […]

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Survivor: The Church

This is too good to lose… *What would happen if churches played “Survivor” with their pastoral staff?* Each week, after competing in various challenges for reward or immunity, the pastors have to face the predatory council of Deacons, where one will be voted off and then replaced. This will continue untill the rapture. The challenges […]

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Here's the Skinny on Fat Tuesday

Here’s a wonderful article explaining some of the significance of __Mardi Gras__ / __Carnival__ / __Shrove Tuesday__. Although written about New Orleans, it applies equally to Port of Spain. By Daryl Wingerd __Fat Tuesday__ is another name for __Mardis Gras__, the raucous annual parade and party held in the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana. The […]

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Hosay in Trinidad

Nicholas Laughlin’s blog:: A great description of the Islamic celebration of Hosay in Trinidad

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