Mike Wittmer: Top 10 Emergent Signs

Mike Wittmer provided this humorous introduction to Emergent Church… thanks to [retro] evangelical:
bq.. Top 10 Signs You Might be emergent:
10. If you have never READ Left Behind, SAID the Prayer of Jabez, or LEAD 40 Days of Purpose,
9. If you think you saw a mega-church on VH1’s “I Love The 80s”,
8. If you wouldn’t be surprised to see Ghandi in heaven, but you’d be floored to find Jerry Falwell,
7. If in a debate with Jack Van Impe, you’d be likely to argue that the bear is America and the anti-Christ is Pat Robertson,
6. If your preacher just swore, and it seemed appropriate,
5. If you honored your pastor with a box of fine cigars and beers on the house,
4. If your cool hair resembles a Midwestern version of Ryan Seacrest. If you don’t know who Ryan is, your probably not emergent, but if you have NO hair and still look cool, you might be a leader in the emergent movement,
3. If you use the word “groove” as a verb, and don’t sound like a dork,
2. If you purchase church supplies from a Buddhist bookstore,
1. If your favorite “Carson” is “Johnny”.

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