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  • Pricking balloons?

    Pricking balloons?

    One of the reasons for my lack of blogging (besides being a widowed father of six) is that I’m back in the classroom, the virtual classroom of SBTS. I am studying Intercultural Communication and one of the highlights has been the assigned reading. I’ve enjoyed David Hesselgrave’s [amazon_link id=”0310368111″ target=”_blank” ]Communicating Christ Cross-culturally[/amazon_link]. His point […]

  • Making sense of Paul’s mission

    As I have been thinking through Rob Bell’s [amazon_link id=”006204964X” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Love Wins[/amazon_link], I began to think through the implications of his position. This kind of “What if he is right?” exercise has helped me think through other issues. The question tends to clarify matters for me. One of the questions that arose […]

  • Are We Endangering Languages?

    “Every 14 days a language dies.” NatGeo, Enduring Voices Project For some time I’ve wondered about the teaching of English as an evangelism tool. When I read a statistic like the one from NatGeo, my wonder really gets going. There is a widespread desire and, sometimes, a need for people to learn English. Why not […]