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Making sense of Paul’s mission

Apostle Paul

As I have been thinking through Rob Bell’s [amazon_link id=”006204964X” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Love Wins[/amazon_link], I began to think through the implications of his position. This kind of “What if he is right?” exercise has helped me think through other issues. The question tends to clarify matters for me. One of the questions that arose […]

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Carson’s resolution

I’ve been listening to a lot of D.A. Carson recently as I take the kids back and forth to school. His insight is wonderful to listen to. He spoke recently at Desiring God 2006. According to a transcript published at Between Two Worlds, Carson said this to encourage pastors of smaller churches: I made a […]

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Conversant with Elvis?

I received in the “mail” today two new books for my reading list. Both of them were suggested to me as worthy reading to increase my awareness of the “emergent church movement”. Being the cheap skate I am, when ordering from Amazon, I ordered enough to qualify for SuperSaver (i.e., FREE!) shipping and asked for […]

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