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On the TNIV

I continue to be amazed by the pace of change in our world. Christianity is not immune. Six years ago I bookmarked this article about the recently released complete TNIV (Is the TNIV Good News? Volume 1) to write a blog post on. I never did write the blog post, but the idea lingered in […]

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Why Endanger Languages?

Watching the Kimyal tribe respond when they received the complete Bible translated into their own language makes me excited! It rekindles in me the deep interest in Bible translation that I’ve tucked away in recent years. But it also raises questions for me. Why are new English translations greeted with indifference, or worse with hostility? […]

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Are We Endangering Languages?


“Every 14 days a language dies.” NatGeo, Enduring Voices Project For some time I’ve wondered about the teaching of English as an evangelism tool. When I read a statistic like the one from NatGeo, my wonder really gets going. There is a widespread desire and, sometimes, a need for people to learn English. Why not […]

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Will We Rise to Public Scripture Reading?


George Guthrie, in Will We Rise to Biblical Literacy?, noted some important statistics about the Bible reading habits of regular church attenders. They are not that encouraging: Yet, only 16 out of 100 of those who regularly attend our churches read the Bible every day; another 32 percent read the Bible at least once per […]

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