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On the TNIV

I continue to be amazed by the pace of change in our world. Christianity is not immune. Six years ago I bookmarked this article about the recently released complete TNIV (Is the TNIV Good News? Volume 1) to write a blog post on. I never did write the blog post, but the idea lingered in […]

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Why Endanger Languages?

Watching the Kimyal tribe respond when they received the complete Bible translated into their own language makes me excited! It rekindles in me the deep interest in Bible translation that I’ve tucked away in recent years. But it also raises questions for me. Why are new English translations greeted with indifference, or worse with hostility? […]

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English Bible Versions

Here’s a good reference site for English Bible versions: Index of 100 Versions of the Scriptures.

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Our Printed Bibles

549 years ago today (on March 22, 1457) the first printed Bible came off Gutenberg’s printing press, if the usual completion date is accepted. Christianity, and our contemporary notions of spirituality, owe a great deal to the wide-spread availabilty of God’s Word made possible by movable type printing. Today the ESV Blog is Celebrating the […]

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Re-numbering the Bible?

There’s an interesting series of posts going around about the “uninspired” parts of the Bible, including chapter and verse divisions, paragraphs and punctuation. For example, Doug McHone wonders Why Don’t We Just Re-Number the Bible?. While I have wondered about the possibility of such a thing in the past, I am convinced that it will […]

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Translating Gender

Controversy surrounds “gender inclusive” Bible translations such as TNIV. Suzanne McCarthy, commenting on Language and Gender on the Better Bibles Blog, points out the difficulty of translating gender into languages that do not have the same gender “structure”. French is Suzanne’s first example: bq.. French vs. English elle – she – singular pronoun fem. il […]

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Church English?

Reading this provocatively titled post (“Are sisters brothers?”) on Better Bibles Blog, I wondered again about Bible translation and the flux of language. A couple of things caught my attention in Wayne Leman’s musings. First, the poll results about the reference to “brothers” in this scenario, “Susan is a 20-something Christian. She recently returned from […]

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