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Theology According to Facebook


Facebook has become a dominant force in our society. That became more clear to me when the Good Friday service we attended used it as a hook. The central theme that morning was God as friend. There were many references to FB stats and processes. Powerpoint slides used FB graphics. The hook stuck. God as […]

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Webb's Redemptive Movement

Scot McKnight has been posting on Bill Webb’s hermeneutical approach over at Jesus Creed. Bill’s work on the Redemptive Movement hermeneutic was published in his book _Slaves, Women & Homosexuals_. Bill was my NT professor when I was studying at London Baptist Seminary (now Heritage Theological Seminary). When I was his student we were just […]

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Creationism: A Big Mistake?

Richard Dawkins, author of _The God Delusion_, highlights the magnitude of the difference between creationism and evolutionism in this article Comment is free: Big mistake bq.. First, the age of the Earth. McIntosh thinks, on biblical authority alone, that it is less than 10,000 years. We establishment fuddyduddies think, using mutually corroborating evidence from many […]

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Bart Ehrman interview

Evangelical Textual Criticism has posted an Interview with Bart Ehrman. This part of the interview struck me as ironic: bq. PJW: Do you think that anyone might ever come away from reading Misquoting Jesus with the impression that the state of the New Testament text is worse than it really is? BDE: Yes I think […]

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Reformed and hip

Christianity Today has published a piece on “the comeback of Calvinism”, titled Young, Restless, Reformed. Highlighting the ministries of John Piper, Josh Harris, Al Mohler, and Mark Dever, the article reads a bit like a soap opera digest. From what I’ve read of these men, I don’t expect that they’ll be flattered by the coverage. […]

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To Die For?

Wayne over at ekklesia wrote today about things worth dying for. He includes a bit of history from John Piper: bq. On March 20, 1531 in the Netherlands a Baptist named Sicke Snyder (proper name, Freerks) was beheaded for being baptized as a believer. In the Criminal Sentence Book of the Court of Friesland, it […]

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The Gospel: Does the medium affect the message?

How many times have you heard this line, “The methods must change as long as the message stays the same.” Shane Hipps makes short work of this commonly-invoked principle in this article on Leadership Blog: Out of Ur: The Gospel According to Electronic Culture: What if the medium really is the message?. (more…)

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Way More Da Vinci Code

Wayne over at ekklesia has gone into Da Vinci Code (DVC) overload. He thinks we have too much talk about the Da Vinci Code. To prove his point he’s linking to every DVC website. He asks, “Care to guess how many I find?” After 1 week he’s at 95. He says he’s done, but I’d […]

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Singing Theology… And Can It Be?

–__I started this post last Monday but then Jane was called into the hospital before I could finish. Luke was born at 12:21 am on May 10, 2006.__– A while ago I was at a missions conference where the speaker made a big deal about the need to sing our theology. Since that time I’ve […]

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More about Da Vinci

With the movie release pending, I’m sure there will be plenty more where this came from. The folks at Westminster Theological Seminary obviously put a lot of thought and energy into their site, Da Vinci Code Truth.

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