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The Building is the Message?

A famous Canadian (is that an oxymoron?) once said, “The medium is the message.” Chris Taylor of Legacy Baptist Church, Arkansas, contends that “The building is the message” (or something close to that) in his article Our Architecture and Our Message on The Gospel Outpost. He writes in part: At the same time though, I […]

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Jesus & Preaching

Daryl Dash has a great post on about Missing Jesus in preaching. It would be nice if all preachers were this honest. bq.. Four or five years ago I was unhappy with my own preaching. I knew something was missing, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. It was a highly frustrating time […]

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Preaching 50 Great Bible Chapters

At the end of November, Wayne over at ekklesia asked what 50 Chapters in the Bible I would preach if I only had one year left to preach and could only focus on one chapter each week… okay, he didn’t put it quite like that. Since I blogged that I had started my list and […]

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50 Chapters?

Wayne over at ekklesia wonders… “If I had one year to preach/teach, and I could only focus on one chapter of the Bible a week, what fifty chapters in the Bible would I pick as the most important to communicate?” I’ve started my list.

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Theocentric Preaching notebook

Daryl Dash has posted the notebook for his recently conducted Theocentric Preaching seminar on his site in PDF format… Theocentric Preaching Seminar Notes. It looks helpful, although I haven’t worked my way through all of it yet. I was struck by this statistic: bq. According to a study by _Preaching and Pulpit Digest_, 80.5% of […]

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Theocentric Preaching

Daryl Dash has begun a new blog about preaching called Theocentric Preaching. It actually began with a series of posts on Daryl’s blog, some of which (Theocentric premise one: The Bible is not a book about you… Theocentric premise two: The Bible has a story line… and Theocentric premise three: The text has a point) […]

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Video preaching at church?

I guess I had never thought about this before… so I’m a little naive… Steve McCoy in his post Reformissionary: Video Preaching at Church introduced me to how big-time preaching is done. I knew of simulcasts for conferences and such, but I never thought that churches would use this as a regular part of their […]

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