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Tacky Christian Christmas Slogans

Over the years I have commented on many tacky Christian Christmas slogans like “Let’s Put the Christ back into Xmas”. However, this one sets a new record for tackiness. The Without Walls International Church adopted this slogan, “To H*** With Happy Holidays; Lets bring Christ back into Christmas”. An acquaintance of mine commented that “You […]

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Closed for Christmas

There has been quite a furor over the cancellation of Sunday services at several mega-churches… so much so that the national media has picked up on it – The Fight Before Christmas. Its kind of sad.

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The Date of Christ's Birth?

With December 25 fast approaching, we had better figure out whether this is the right date to celebrate Christ’s birth. Or perhaps, whether we are simply fooling ourselves about Christ’s birth, when we are really participating in winter solstice celebrations. Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Seminary, tackles that topic in this post – Why […]

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