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bahula-bulletin: March 2014 update

Ministry Update There is a critical need in missions today for training pastors and leaders for the global church. With the church growing rapidly in the Majority World, what leader have likened to a theological famine is unfolding. Shallow biblical understanding and distorted theological teaching threaten this advance of the gospel. The January 2014 issue […]

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bahula-bulletin: December 2013 update

Ministry Update Thanks for your continued prayers for us and for my ministry with Horizon. One of the highlights of the autumn was studying in the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course. It was refreshing to interact online about God’s purposes in the world with a group from around the world. As a result […]

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bahula-bulletin: September 2013 update

Impossible? Just over three months ago, I joined Horizon International Schools as the Curriculum Design and Development Officer. The transition has been exhilarating. The opportunities and challenges of global theological education are so amazing that at times it seems impossible. Around the world, the need to train ministry leaders continues to grow exponentially. Horizon helps […]

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bahula-bulletin: April 2013 update

I’m pleased to announce that I will become the Curriculum Design and Development Officer with Horizon International Schools ( in late May. I will be responsible for the oversight of the design and development of Horizon’s curricula tailored to address the cultural needs and standards of affiliates. Horizon is an integrated auxiliary of ABWE and […]

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bahula-bulletin: January 2013 update

Walking Where Jesus Walked… If you’ve toured Israel with a knowledgeable guide, you know that I probably didn’t WWJW.  Maybe 60 feet above where he walked. (more…)

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bahula-bulletin: September 2012 update

They’re back in school! We had a hectic summer with several curveballs thrown at us. It is nice to have a measure of routine returning to life. A has changed schools for Grade 12, E returns for Grade 10, K, A, G and L are back in Grades 7, 4, 4, and 1 respectively. I […]

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bahula-bulletin: April 2012 update

You would think that as Director of Communications for ABWE Canada, I would have figured out how to communicate with my own prayer partners and donors. Yet the days stream by in a blur of meetings, office responsibilities, phone calls, meals, homework, sick kids, … you get the idea. But I don’t want to be […]

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bahula-bulletin: November 2011 update

It’s Take Our Kids to Work day! E has joined me in the ABWE Canada office today, but I couldn’t convince her to write this email. Instead she’s organizing my many books while I write. She was a little disappointed that she didn’t get to join me on a Caribbean trip. Having witnessed the ministry […]

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bahula-bulletin: September 2011 update

Thanks for your continued prayers! As you remember us in the coming days, please praise God and pray about these things. The Caribbean Theological Education Consortium is up and running. At our first meeting in June, I was appointed as Chairman of the Consortium. I have been tasked with facilitating the business of the consortium […]

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bahula-bulletin: June 2011 update

Friends, Thanks again for your continued prayers for our family. A fellow struggler recently wrote, “There is no road map for mourning.” We continue to face that reality day by day. Thanks for supporting us by your prayers. (more…)

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