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Is Typing Making Us Stupid?

Listening to the CBC lunch-time phone in last week reminded me of this article (How Handwriting Boosts the Brain – that I read months ago and the struggle that we had with Trillium International School to have our children taught cursive writing. “Using advanced tools such as magnetic resonance imaging, researchers are finding that […]

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Cursive writing will never die!

My children have returned to school. A measure of routine is returning to my life. It is time for me to get back to writing. One of my friends told me so! Describing what I do as writing is a bit of misnomer though. If we are describing the physical act of tracing or forming […]

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Don’t Waste Your Life on your Apps


I am finally upgrading from the cast-off Motorola v360 that I’ve used for 3 years and from the even older Windows Mobile iPaq that died several months ago. Because of a new corporate plan, this week I got a shiny new all-in-one Android smart phone with a data plan. Don’t try to change my mind […]

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Top Type Tips

One of the benefits of desktop publishing is also one of its problems: anyone can do it. Here are Ten Tips for Top Type. Following these tips will help you “to produce pages with type that looks professional and pleasing, and that’s easy to read.” Type is one of the most powerful tools for communication […]

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I finally boarded the Facebook bandwagon. It’s really quite interesting to see you can meet and what information people divulge about themselves. This article highlights one of the reasons to be careful about what you post! Facebook sues Ont. porn company over alleged hacking Facebook sues Ont. porn company over alleged hacking Last Updated: Monday, […]

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Word 2007

Thanks to a brother-in-law that works for Microsoft, I’ve started using Word 2007. I’ve noticed many changes. For the most part I’m okay with that. I generally like the new approach. But there are features that I’ve gone looking for and couldn’t find. Today I found this list on the MS site: Changes in Word […]

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Google: The Evil Empire?

At times I’ve begun to develop my own conspiracy theories about Google, but have usually shelved them after a few minutes due to other pressing concerns. “Mmm, that’s a wonderful cheesecake you made Jane!” Others haven’t and have taken it way beyond what I ever would have thought. Witness this movie… Master Plan – About […]

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Good software

Software piracy is a way of life here in Trinidad (like it is in many parts of the world I suspect). What many people don’t know is that there are options that are better than commercial software… and they are free and open source. For one list check The Simple Dollar � 30 Essential Pieces […]

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How to make your own blank Bible

Today I came across The Shepherd’s Scrapbook site. What got me there was a link to the DIY: Blank Bible. This series of posts details the necessary steps to make a “Jonathan Edwards”-like blank Bible. That is, how to cut and rebind a Bible with blank pages interwoven for note taking just like Jonathan Edwards […]

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It's alive!

After many weeks of waiting and lots of pleading phone calls, our “high-speed” internet is working. Thanks to an inside contact at the phone company our line card was replaced today and our DSL came alive. Evidently TSTT (the monopoly DSL provider) is experiencing massive problems with line cards. According to my friend all DSL […]

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