May 2023 update

ministry update

God continues to amaze us with how technology continues to serve his purposes. The stories that we hear from Horizon’s partners demonstrate the sovereignty of God, the creativity of theological educators, and the perseverance of students who have felt the call of God to proclaim his name and desire to be better equipped to do so.

A partner in the Middle East and North Africa region has faithfully trained men and women to serve the church for many years. However, a new law in their country has restricted which students can come to the campus to study. This limitation has significantly reduced the number of students on campus. Praise the Lord that Horizon’s online platform allows them to teach students wherever they are.

Recently, I participated in ABWE’s International Theological Education Summit. My colleagues and I co-led two breakout sessions about what we have been learning from our partners. These men and women are challenging us in the Western church to live and serve sacrificially for God’s glory and the benefit of the church. They demonstrate creativity in using their limited resources to spread the gospel. Praise God for the examples they provide.

When my colleagues visited Mongolia in January (let that sink in!), one of our partners told them about a dedicated student. Despite living in the mountains with spotty cell coverage, he frequently rode his horse through a dangerous pass and ascended a mountain to get a better signal. For an hour or two, he sat under a heavy blanket in sub-zero weather to download course materials and upload assignments. Pray for the students of Horizon’s partners who often study under adverse circumstances.

I continue to praise God for you and your partnership in this gospel ministry of facilitating the training of leaders for Christ’s church through Horizon’s partnerships on six continents.

praise & prayer

  • Praise God for 9 new Horizon partners thus far in 2023: 2 in Asia, 2 in Africa, 1 in South America, 1 in Central America, 1 in South Asia and 2 global training organizations
  • Pray for the onboarding and training of these 9 new partners
  • Pray for new team members to help support Horizon’s partners
  • Praise God for the development and implementation of a new course for ABWE, Good Soil Discipleship Online
  • Continue to pray for my children and that I would parent them well

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