Ministry Update

God is at work around the world. His salvation is being proclaimed to men and women, and to boys and girls. They are being discipled and baptised. New churches are being planted. As the church grows around the world, the need for trained leaders increases. One author stated like this recently, “Training equips pastors to instruct their congregation faithfully in the ways of God, to study and understand the Bible for themselves and to display the glory of God in their personal lives and ministries. Theological education is, therefore, not optional, but necessary to a healthy church planting strategy.” Horizon works to improve accessibility and effectiveness of theological education through sound pedagogy and technological innovation.

As with the adoption of any technology, how-to knowledge is vital for theological educators adopting a new educational technology. The Moodle Skills for Facilitators course we designed and developed is a step to acquiring that knowledge. Twenty students completed the course this year. The new course that I am working on will build on this foundation.

Three of my Horizon colleagues just returned from a visit to educational partners in India, Ukraine, and Moldova. In addition to building our relationships with these schools, Allen, Brian and Rob trained faculty and administrators on how to use Moodle more efficiently. Enthusiasm for the potential of online education was clear and was enhanced through their interactions.

Several course development projects have progressed well during the last quarter. Our work on a new Critical Thinking course is nearing completion. A colleague is hard at work on our Introduction to Theology course. The New Testament Survey course is almost complete in Portuguese and has been started in Russian. Also in Russian, we are tidying up loose ends for the Disciple Making and Evangelism course.

Understanding culture is one of the most important skills that a missionary must develop. Effective communication of the Gospel depends on this ability. Once again, I played a small part in the training of ABWE’s missionary servants to better understand a culture. In November, I travelled to ABWE’s office in Harrisburg, PA, to teach missionaries ready to leave for the field about cultural intelligence. Pray for these servants as they leave for their first term abroad.

bahula-familyFamily Update

As you can see by our updated family picture below, my children have all grown in stature. It continues to be great fun watching them grow and mature, even as it stretches every parenting skill that I have. We are all continuing to grow in knowledge and wisdom through our schooling. Andrew, Emily, and I are already on Christmas break. The rest join us soon. We will spend time with family and friends as we celebrate God’s incarnation and the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus. Please pray that we will continue to grow in favour with God as we remember his grace toward us. Thanks for your continued prayers.

Praise & Prayer

  • Praise God for his provision. Thanks to year-end donors our account at ABWE is healthy.
  • Pray for the spiritual and physical growth of my children.
  • Pray that trained leaders will foster the growth and health of the church around the world.
  • Pray for the work of our course development teams.
  • Praise God for the fulfillment of his promises that we remember at Christmas.


bahula-bulletin: December 2016 update printable pdf copy


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