Ministry Update

Horizon logoWhat’s in a name? Biblical theology indicates that names are important. The board of Horizon International Schools recently approved a new name for our organization. Horizon Education Network better communicates who we are and what we do. And yet, although the name has changed, the aim remains the same, to help Bible colleges and seminaries worldwide in the development of culturally fitting and sustainable models of theological education by leveraging technology. Horizon has 19 official partnerships with schools and provides some help to 10 other schools.

We praise God for many blessings in 2015 which led to increased opportunities for Horizon to aid these schools in the training of men and women for effective gospel ministry locally and around the world. Last year, we saw more than 1,000 users from nearly 50 countries utilizing Horizon’s Moodle system. Students successfully completed more than 1,100 courses, including over 400 in English, over 300 in Spanish, over 100 each in French and Portuguese, and over 50 in Russian.

While these numbers are a significant increase over 2014, we continue to be aware of the pressing need to increase the potential for training. We just completed another session of our introductory Effective Online Teaching course with 12 participants. Most are faculty at Horizon’s newest partner, a graduate school in India. We also had students in this course from Chad, Jordan, United Kingdom, and United States. Beginning next week, I will teach this group using the new Moodle Skills for Facilitators: Getting Started course that I have developed these last few months. We also have another group of participants ready to start Effective Online Teaching next month!

Our team continues to grow to meet these needs. Jill Zwyghuizen, a linguist and educator from Grand Rapids, and Andrew Arthur, an editor who grew up as a missionary kid in Brazil, have joined our team. Jill will be working with me in course development. Even while she is raising support, she has begun work on a new course on the book of Genesis. Please pray for Andrew and Jill as they raise support.


Family Update

Thanks for continuing to pray for our family. We would especially appreciate your prayers for A and E, who will finish their semesters in April. Both will be searching for summer employment. Please continue to pray for K, A, G, and L as they continue their studies. Pray for wisdom, strength, and perseverance as I continue to parent them.

Praise & Prayer

  • Praise God for our new educational partner in India.
  • Praise God for faculty better equipped to teach online.
  • Pray for students learning Moodle skills.
  • Pray for new team members raising support.
  • Pray for summer employment for A, E, and K.
  • Pray for God’s provision for financial support.

bahula-bulletin: March 2016 update printable pdf copy


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