Songs for the Easter Season: “This Changes Everything”

Today is Pentecost Sunday. That marks the end of the Easter Season. Here’s one last song to recommend, Matt Papa’s “This Changes Everything”:

I grew up in a little town
Used to sing in the old church house
There in the pew where I used to hide
Learned the story bout the man who died

Well I was sure I heard that He got back up
But as we broke the bread and drank the cup
Seemed the faces told another tale
They were as dry as the bread was stale

Did i miss something? Was i not supposed to cry?
Did they hear preacher, “Jesus is alive”?

If this is true, this changes everything
If this is real, I’ve got to tell the world
If He is God, then I’ve got choice to make
If I believe, then I must follow Him

There doesn’t seem to be a full-length preview on the web. You can find the song most places where you stream/download your music from. Here Matt talks about the album that shares the same title, highlighting the importance of Christ’s resurrection: