bahula-bulletin: January 2013 update

Walking Where Jesus Walked…
If you’ve toured Israel with a knowledgeable guide, you know that I probably didn’t WWJW.  Maybe 60 feet above where he walked. Nonetheless, my pilgrimage to Israel was a significant blessing. I toured Jerusalem, Galilee and environs with Michael Card and 30 others. Experiencing the world of the Bible has helped me to understand the Bible and myself much better. I expect that the trip will pay dividends for years to come.

Good Soil Seminars
I would appreciate your prayers for three Good Soil seminars in the coming months. We’ll be in Simcoe, Burlington, and Vancouver in February & March. We provide training and resources for worldview-relevant evangelism and discipleship. If you are in one of those areas consider joining us. Contact me for details.

West Indies Baptist Fellowship Conference
Heading for Jamaica in the middle of January won’t get me much sympathy, but your prayers would be welcome even still. The 52nd annual West Indies Baptist Fellowship Conference starts on Monday, January 21 and runs through the week. I will be there for a few days to promote Cari-TEC‘s (Caribbean Theological Education Consortium) online courses launching in September 2013.  I will also be networking with delegates from across the Caribbean and meeting with leaders of Fairview Baptist Bible College and Bluewater Bible College.

Thanks for your continued prayers for us and for the ministry.

In Christ,

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