On the TNIV

I continue to be amazed by the pace of change in our world. Christianity is not immune. Six years ago I bookmarked this article about the recently released complete TNIV (Is the TNIV Good News? Volume 1) to write a blog post on. I never did write the blog post, but the idea lingered in my drafts folder until today. A lot has changed in the intervening years, both in my life and in the realm of the NIV. The TNIV may or may not have been good news, but it is now definitely old news. Only six years after its release, it was replaced last year by the new NIV, aka NIV2011. That seems so transient compared to the enduring KJV. But why should I be surprised? I continually update my apps for bug fixes, new features and to take advantage of new hardware. Is it right to do the same with my Bible translation?

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