bahula-bulletin: September 2011 update

T hanks for your continued prayers! As you remember us in the coming days, please praise God and pray about these things.

The Caribbean Theological Education Consortium is up and running. At our first meeting in June, I was appointed as Chairman of the Consortium. I have been tasked with facilitating the business of the consortium and arranging the necessary meetings to advance the goals of the group. Together with ABWE’s Director of International Theological Education, Dr. Dale Marshfield, we will begin working through the process of curriculum redesign. The first phase involves gathering input to establish essential skills and knowledge for effective ministry in the Caribbean. Our first roundtable will meet at Bluewater Bible College in the U.S. Virgin Islands on September 20 & 21. Pray for us as we meet.

To explore the possibilities of continuing my teaching ministry in the Caribbean while living in Canada, I have enrolled in the Horizon International Schools course Effective Online Teaching. Horizon is a ministry of ABWE that specializes in online education. This short course seeks to help teachers make the leap from the traditional classroom to the world of online education. It is exciting to see how technology can provide new teaching opportunities and to learn to maximize its benefits.

Our Good Soil Evangelism Training Seminar at Forest Baptist Church on August 31 was well received. Over 50 people joined us as we discussed the theology of Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship. We provided them with Good Soil tools and classroom experience in using them as they prepare for an outreach at the Forest Fall Fair. Pray for their efforts there on September 23 – 25.

What was the best part of the first day of school? The bell rang. We had a great summer with lots of fun memories, but it is nice for the kids to return to the routines of school. We have a few adjustments for this year. The most significant is that E has started Grade 9. She’s doing well with the transition with the help of her friends.

One of the highlights of the summer for me was front-row seats at Michael Card’s concert. I quoted his words over 10 years ago when we were starting out on our journey to Trinidad. I’ll quote some more now that encouraged me again at the concert from his song “[amazon_link id=”B0012CENE4″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Come Lift Up Your Sorrows[/amazon_link]”:

He has not stuttered
And He has not lied.
When He says, “Come unto me,”
You’re not disqualified.

When you’re heavy laden,
You may want to depart,
But those who know sorrow,
They’re closest to His heart.

In Christ,


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